LinkedIn users locked out and unable to reset passwords due to “known issue”

LinkedIn Password Resete
A couple of weeks ago account information, including emails and passwords, of approximately 167 million LinkedIn users went up for sale on the dark web.

The data for sale dated back to a LinkedIn hack occurring back in 2012 for which LinkedIn never revealed the extent of at the time, but it was believed that the hack had exposed 6.5 million password “hashes” only (with no associated email addresses, rendering the password “hashes” on their own all but useless).

Now the true extent of the 2012 data breach has become public, with over 25 times more accounts affected than previously thought. With passwords insecurely stored as SHA1 hashes without salt along with associated email addresses, the vast majority of these accounts were quickly cracked in the days following the release of the data.

Consequently, LinkedIn have now invalidated passwords for all accounts created prior to the 2012 breach whose owners had not changed their passwords since the 2012 breach, prompting the affected users to reset their LinkedIn passwords.

However, I’ve received a couple of reports in the past week or so from LinkedIn users who have had their passwords invalidated by this process, but who have so far been unable to reset their LinkedIn passwords and regain access to their accounts due to what LinkedIn are acknowledging as a “known issue“.

If an affected LinkedIn user attempts to login, they’re met with a very generic error:

Unable To Sign In To LinkedIn

If they try to initiate a password reset, they’re met with an equally generic error:

Unable To Reset LinkedIn Password

The user is therefore both locked out of LinkedIn, as their password has been invalidated, and are unable to reset it!

I reached out to LinkedIn last week, who informed me it’s a “known issue” and that their “engineering team is working on it but there’s no estimate as to how long that might take”

I’ve reached out to LinkedIn again today for an update. LinkedIn responded “Our engineers are still working on why the password change process is giving an error message. They are working on it but there’s no estimate as to how long that might take”

Interestingly, for those accounts that LinkedIn have “invalidated” passwords for, if the account was already logged in, the user’s active session itself wasn’t invalidated, and the user could remain logged in and post as normal. The only indication that their password had been “invalidated” would be if the user attempted to change an account setting which required re-entering their password:

Active LinkedIn Sessions Not Invalidated

(which if the user follows the “reset your password” or “Forgot password” links, they get the generic error messages above)

So, there have been a number of failings with LinkedIn:

  1. Firstly, the breach/hack itself back in 2012
  2. The reluctance/incompetence of LinkedIn to acknowledge the true extent of the 2012 hack at the time
  3. The inaction of LinkedIn to forcibly reset passwords at the time – and to wait 4 years before doing so!
  4. The invalidation of passwords but not also any “active” sessions
  5. The inability for affected users to reset their passwords & regain access to their accounts

Have you been unable to reset your invalidated LinkedIn password? Let me know!

42 thoughts on “LinkedIn users locked out and unable to reset passwords due to “known issue”

  1. Hi, I have been unable to access my LinkedIn account and after numerous attempts for password reset and communication with the LinkedIn Customer service Team to assist hasn’t resulted in me being able to access the account.

    Is there any other way for me to regain access to my account?


    1. After my repeated attempts to login to my LinkedIN account does’nt respond with its basic password and i have to change it every time with a new link & password through my primary e-mail to log in.

      Is there any way out to get out of this mess since i wasted 3 days on this probs????


    1. Hey Chetan,
      According to a couple of LinkedIn users I spoke to, the feeling is that this “may” be caused if you used a false name on your LinkedIn account (i.e. if they think your name is false, they suspend your account without any notification, and you end up with a similar situation to the one described in my blog).

      If you think that may also be the case for you, you’ll need to contact LinkedIn support and say you’ll update your name. In most cases like this, they’ll then allow you back in.

      Hope that helps! …but please report back and let us know how you got on!


  2. Even I faced the same problem of account lockout and I had to click on reset password link but nothing happened. I don’t know where and how to connect to linkedin support team. Is there any contact number where I can call? or any email address where I can send a mail to get my account unlocked?


      1. Sadly, LinkedIn has eliminated this as an option. It responds saying new messages to this e-mail are not accepted–that it only works for existing problems.


  3. Hi there.. Likewise I’ve been locked out of my account (which I admit had not been inactive for a few months).. It says will re-send link to reset to my registered email address though I am not receiving the email.. Can anyone advise please? Many thanks


  4. My account has been hacked and I tried calling the LinkedIn customer care they asked me t pay 50 USD I paid it then they asked me they want to access my computer to know the password. but finally, nothing worked out.
    if anyone knows how to recover the account please let me know.thank you


    1. This sounds very much like a scam, Mathew!

      LinkedIn shouldn’t be charging you $50 to reset your password and certainly won’t require remote access to your computer to do so!

      NEVER give ANYONE remote access to your computer, and if you need to contact a company, go to their official website in order to find their correct contact details. Never call a “customer care” number that you’ve found on any website other than the vendor’s own official website.


  5. Likewise, still locked out and the reset password email link never arrives (and it’s definitely not going to spam or trash).


  6. I suddenly started hearing from my contacts asking if i sent a secret shopper opportunity to them. When i went into my Linkedin account it says that my email is not associated with any Linkedin account therefore i cannot even change my password. i have contacted Linkedin support but nothing yet. Any suggestions? Thanks,


    1. Were you ever able to resolve this, Chris? This happened to me today. Someone logged in to my account, changed the password, removed my email addresses from the account, and then sent “survey” emails to my contacts. Contacted LinkedIn through their suggested steps, but have not heard anything. Don’t understand why they don’t have a procedure for this.


    2. The same thing happened to me yesterday!I have over 3,000 contacts and have been flooded with calls and emails from people today asking me about this. My Linked In Profile is GONE. I too contacted Linked In and have heard nothing!


  7. Thanks for this. I was suddenly locked out (for the past few months I have not had access) and could not figure out what was going on. This article was very helpful. I emailed. We’ll see what happens.


  8. This is absurd! I’ve tried to recover password or reset password at least 10 times in the last week to no avail! What’s the deal??


  9. Many months have gone by and I cannot get into linked in. Wanted to delete my account, but don’t know how to do it, if I can’t get into it.


  10. I had the same experience Chris posted about. Today I received numerous emails/calls from people asking me if I sent a secret shopper opportunity to them. When i went into my Linkedin account it says that my email is not associated with any Linkedin account therefore i cannot even change my password. I went to Linked In and submitted 2 requests and have heard NOTHING. What can I do?


  11. I’ve been locked out of my LinkedIn account for years and I had previously attempted to resolve the lockout with LinkedIn but I was unable to gain access to my profile. In addition i attempted to close my account however my profile still remains active in google searches even thou I thought I closed it. This has been ongoing for YEARS and very distressing considering I’m no longer in the same job/industry and I am currently a student who is in process of changing careers.


    1. I have also been locked out for years ><.. I did miss the 24hour window to use the reset password link a couple times initially (when they sent it daysss after I requested and in the middle of the night my time), but now linkedin doesn't seem to send them at all when requested over and over.. not in my spam or any inboxes.. They give no way to contact an actual human in customer service.. If anyone knows an email I could contact, that would be helpful.


  12. I have the same problem of repeatedly getting the reset link mail but every time it says that the link has expired.
    Some times for one try I get 3 emails of reset link.
    it happened to me today after I rest my password but now the new password doesn’t work too. and this loop of reset password mail and when I click the link one more mail goes on endlessly.


  13. Hey,

    I have a different problem which is extremely annoying. I created an LinkedIn account years ago and never really used it. Co-workers started sending me requests on LinkedIn so I thought might as well delete the account so I don’t have to tell each of them that I don’t use it and shouldn’t think I’m not accepting their requests because I don’t like them or something. When trying to reset my password, it says that there is no account associated with that email address… even thought I am entering the email address on which I received notifications from them TODAY. This is beyond stupid.


  14. Dear Team

    I had been accessing my LinkedIn profile till February 2018. Suddenly someone changed my password and I cant access the profile. Trying to hit reset password it gives me error, “We couldn’t find a LinkedIn account associated with”. What must I do, sending LinkedIn support this email ( doesn’t work. How do I contact these people. I have contacts and job opportunities I was following. I had amassed a great deal of contacts. .. Please help before I faint


  15. by hitting the reset link from my email I am also getting Oops, that link has expired. Please enter your email below to start again.


  16. I rarely go into my LinkedIn a/c but I just tried after months and I’m locked out with “Unauthorized” page that comes up & no prompting on how I can fix it….


  17. Hi! I have just restored my iPhone to fix some software issues. Has tried for 2 days to log back in via app and online with no luck as apparently my password is incorrect. When I try to reset password, I get an unexpected error asking me to try again.
    How do I get in touch with customer support. I can’t find any links. I’m in Australia. Please help!


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