I’m back… and I’ve moved!

TL;DR: Please update your bookmarks and links to isecguy.com. After a three and a half year absence, I decided it was high time for a comeback! Where have I been? Since my last post here way back in 2018, I got married, moved house, and started a family! – Obviously, this has kept me pretty […]

Webmasters: Have some (subresource) integrity!

Earlier today it was discovered that a large number of websites (over 4,000) – including UK government and NHS websites – had been compromised with a “cryptominer”. A cryptominer is a piece of software that “mines” cryptocoins like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, etc, which in turn generate income. When a cryptominer is included within the code […]

KidRex: The “safe search engine for kids”… offering sex tips and working from home for Bitcoins

It’s “Safer Internet Day” today, a global event promoting online safety particularly among children and young people. Whilst looking through related tweets today, I came across a number of tweets from teachers who were using a search engine called “KidRex” in their classrooms. Changing the homepages on the new laptops to child-friendly search engine pages […]